22 years of service Ugnayan ng Pahinungod
22 years of service Ugnayan ng Pahinungod
22 years of service Ugnayan ng Pahinungod
Walking across rice fields at Padre Burgos, Quezon Province.
Senior volunteers in action.
Review for College Entrance Test and Career Orientation (RECET) at Cabanatuan Nueva Ecija.
Prof. Lubuguin teaching English at Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro.
Flying paper airplanes with FEU volunteers at Bitin elementary school.
Storytelling with props at Bangyas Elementary School.
Immersion Program: Mayoyao, Ifugao in partnership with UP Manila Pahinungod.

NEW FEATURE: Pahinungod: a versatile partner for student organizations

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The UPLB Ugnayan ng Pahinungod conducted its third Volunteer Camp for 43 new volunteers last 11 - 13 September at the UPLB Land Grant, Siniloan, Laguna. Several alumni and senior volunteers facilitated the training activities. The new volunteers are expected to participate in different Pahinungod programs. (Photos by Clyde Angelo Bisares)

    The UPLB Ugnayan ng Pahinungod is not only acknowledged for training student volunteers for fieldwork activi­ties, but has also been known for col­laborating with different UPLB student organizations. Pahinungod often re­ceives requests from different student orgs for assistance in different activ­ities, such as conducting immersion programs, team buildings and other training workshops.

     UPLB Pahinungod also collabo­rates with student organizations in im­plementing their activities, specifically Reading Enhancement and Appreci­ation Development (READ) program, Environmental Awareness Program (EAP), Affirmative Action Program (AAP), Technical Assistance Program, Immersion Service Mission Program (ISMP), Youth and Women Devel­opment Program, and the recently launched Community Arts and Culture Development Program (CACDP).

In every collaboration with the stu­dent orgs, Pahinungod’s versatility shines through as it tries to promptly respond to requests. Its involvement with the UPLB Grange Association, the UP Agricultural Economics Circle, and the UP Novo Ecijanos are just a few examples that show Pahinungod’s adaptability when it comes to conduct­ing different activities.


Pahinungod and its activities

One of Pahinungod’s many services is conducting immersion pro­grams for student organizations. An example is the one conducted for the UPLB Grange Association.

UPLB Grange, in partnership with Pahinungod, conducted an Immersion Service Program held at Brgy. Casa Real, Pakil, Laguna, from July 23-26, 2015. Twelve members of the associ­ation were immersed in the said com­munity and were involved in different activities such as tutorials in the com­munity elementary school, tree plant­ing, community clean-up drive, fishing, and Taka making (see related article).

Pahinungod also offers workshops in preparation for the upcoming events of different organizations like the one conducted for UP Agricultural Econom­ics Circle (UP AEC) where Pahinungod held a workshop for their organization’s members on how to facilitate a semi­nar. This served as the organization members’ training to effectively hold seminars on farm record-keeping to the farmers in their chosen communi­ties. With the help of Pahinungod, UP AEC members were trained how to ef­ficiently and comprehensively present in public how to properly deal with the people in the community and how to build relationships.

In addition to these partnerships, Pahinungod also co-facilitates differ­ent events of student organizations, as what they did with the varsitarian orga­nization UP Novo Ecijanos (UPNE).

UPNE and Pahinungod conducted a two-day college entrance test review for high school students in Nueva Ecija. Pahinungod staff and volunteers, along with a few members of the UPLB fac­ulty, helped in the series of tutorials for the students.

Valuable experiences

The feedback from these organiza­tions has been generally positive, often citing Pahinungod’s cooperative and impressive work ethics.

“Pahinungod has been very sup­portive to the immersion activity of the association since its first year of imple­mentation,” said Renz Sucaldito, UPLB Grange Association Vice President for External Affairs.

He also explained that this was their second time to tie up with Pahinungod in immersion service programs. “They were very approachable when it comes to assistance in the event prepara­tions,” Sucaldito added.

UPNE member Emmanuel Flores also shared his experience in working with Pahinungod.

“Kahit hindi nila trabaho, willing si­lang tumulong,” he stated as he de­scribed how UPLB Pahinungod volun­teers and staff helped in checking the test papers during the review sessions in Nueva Ecija.

Possibilities for future partnerships

With all these experiences, the stu­dent organizations, such as UP AEC, UPLB Grange, and UPNE, are more than willing to have more partnership activities with Pahinungod in the future.

UP AEC initially partnered with Pa­hinungod for a training workshop and the organizations’ members are looking forward to participate in Pahinungod’s immersion service mission programs in the future.

“Sana maging activity ‘yun [immer­sion] ng AEC in partnership with Pa­hinungod. ‘Yung sa isang lugar, puro members ng AEC,” said UP AEC mem­bers as they expressed their interest in immersions in different communities.

Furthermore, Pahinungod’s partner­ships with different organizations also motivated the members to volunteer.

“In the future, I want [UPLB Grange Association] to nurture the culture of selfless service through Pahinungod activities such as immersions and oth­er field activities. We are also aiming on sending individual members of the association as individual Pahinungod volunteer,” Sucaldito stated.

Flores shared the same sentiment with the other members of their orga­nization. “Yung ibang members nga namin na hindi naman volunteers ay parang nahikayat nga mag-volunteer… mas nakilala ng UPNE yung Pahinun­god,” he exclaimed.

Since UPLB Ugnayan ng Pahinun­god aims for continuous development of communities, Mr. Jose Limbay Lahi Espaldon, Pahinungod Coordinator of partnerships with student orgs, hopes that future partnerships with student organizations would be “progressive” which will offer continuous programs in order for the organizations to have a “continuous involvement in the commu­nity, not just one time, big time partici­pation.” PMOlympia and JDSiopongco 

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