Educational Enhancement

Pahinungod’s educational enhancement programs are functional literacy interventions that aim to supplement formal school instruction through participatory seminars, workshops and tutorials for underserved elementary and high school students

Gurong Pahinungod Program (GPP)

The program primarily caters to fresh graduates and alumni who are deployed as as full-time volunteer faculty members of underserved elementary schools nationwide. GPP is implemented in partnership with the Department of Education (DEPED) who share the common aspiration of making basic education work for the Filipinos.

Affirmative Action Project

Public schools in rural areas are generally disadvantaged due to their geographic location and due to lack of access to supplementary educational support services like scholastic reviews. Many students from these schools also have weak confidence to take entrance exams, purse college education, take courses needed in their locale and assume leadership role in their hometowns.

The aims of AAP are anchored on these realities. By providing 1-2 week leadership training and college preparatory review program for incoming public grade 12 pupils, it hopes to provide underserved students with better chances to access quality tertiary education and improve their skills as future community leaders. The program is also consistent with UP’s aims in democratizing access to its quality education services.

PAGTUTURO (Pagpapatalas ng Talino at Talento ng mga Guro)

Teachers are the critical actors in education. However, rapid changes in education technology and policy necessitates constant updating of competence among teachers and many faculty members of remote public schools often have limited means to access these professional growth opportunities.

Pahinungod aims to augment these gaps by providing 2-3 day interactive retooling workshops on creative teaching strategies, content updates and other enrichment activities to improve teaching capacities especially in the context of Philippine K+12 education reform.

LINGAP ARAL Special Tutorials

A special program that provides once a week review on selected difficulty subject areas in the basic education curricula, LINGAP ARAL aims to help boost school performance of indigent students and improve accomplishments in national scholastic aptitude tests. These students are identified by sponsor LGUs or support organization who also provide resources like scholarships and stipends to assure sustained education opportunities.